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CSSCGC 2008 has now closed

Thanks to all entrants for participating and thanks also to all who helped out with the competition.
The results were announced three days early!
Congratulations to "The Mojon Twins" for winning CSSCGC 2008 with "The Ultimate First Communion Simulator" and commiserations to "Cruddy Software" for losing it with "Lapland Theme Park Manager".
Please see the results page for the full results or download the full results textfile here.
Cheers, DP - 14/01/09

Digital Prawn welcomes you to the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Compo 2008!

¡Bienvenidos todos al concurso de CSSCGC 2008!

”об€о пожалова‚Œ в со€евнование CSSCGC 2008!

Varmt välkommen till den årliga tävlingen CSSCGC 2008!

Willkommen zur CSSCGC 2008!

As part of my punishment for inflicting "The Quest for The Golden Egg" on last year's judges, I have won the "booby prize" of hosting this year's crap games competition.

I now declare the CSSCGC 2008 officially open and I am ready to accept submissions.

Please send your game submissions to digitalprawn@googlemail.com

The submitted games can be viewed and downloaded from the games page as they come in.

Discuss the games on the CSSCGC 2008 forum.

More info on the judging method of the 2008 compo.

There is a small prize for winning this year's compo.


  • All entries must be crap games that run on Sinclair computers i.e. the Sinclair Spectrum 16K/48K/128K. Submissions for the ZX81 and ZX80 are also welcomed. For this year's compo, I will also allow submissions that run specifically on the Amstrad +2/+2A/+3 machines, and on any reasonable "tightly-compatible" Sinclair clone, provided such submissions run on at least one freely available emulator.

  • *Added 12/02/08* - Sinclair QL and Cambridge Z88 games are also permitted in this year's compo.

  • *Added 22/02/08* - Jupiter Ace and Sam Coupé games are also permitted in this year's compo.

  • It'd help me if you could supply your games in a file format that can be read by at least one of these following emulators:- FUSE, Spin, X128, Spectaculator 5.x, WinZ80, Realspectrum, EmuZwin, EightyOne, Z88Dream, OZvm, QL2K or SimCoupe as they are the emulators that I routinely use. If that is not possible due to using a rare format, then please let me know which emulator I should use to read your file. If in doubt, then please stick to a commonly used file format.

  • *Added 03/02/08* - By submitting games you agree to grant non-profit distrubution permission on them. (Equivalent to a WoS permission statement).

  • *Added 03/02/08* - Please only submit games you have written (or co-written) yourself, rather than forwarding games written by other people, for three good reasons:- (1) I'll know for sure that you as the author have granted distribution permission on the game. (2) It's simpler in case I need to contact the game author (i.e. you) directly if it so happens that you either win or lose the compo. (3) It helps to avoid confusion when I update the site etc., if I know for sure to credit the game to you.
    However, you can choose a different alias/nickname to credit your games to on this website if you wish. If so, then please clearly state this in the game submission email.

  • After submission, your game will appear on this site in the form of a screenshot and a short game description. I will endeavour to update the site as quickly as possible after receiving submissions, although I am often away from Internet access from time to time throughout the year. Therefore there may sometimes be a lag time in updating the site.

  • *Amended 11/09/08* All games must be submitted before Midnight GMT 31st December 2008  4:47pm GMT Friday 9th January 2009. I'll judge the games during January 2009. It has been traditional for the deadline to change during previous CSSCGC competitions. I hope that won't be the case this year, but you never know!

  • *Added 09/12/08* - The competition results will be announced on Saturday 17th January 2009. Firstly on the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroup and shortly thereafter on various speccy related forums including WorldofSpectrum.

  • The results of the compo will be posted by me on comp.sys.sinclair (and in the WoS forums) in early 2009.

  • *Amended 20/09/08* The judge's descision is final. The winner receives a small prize and hearty congratulations for their achievement in the form of a newsgroup posting after the end of the compo. There is also a possible "booby prize" of hosting the competition next year. That honour is awarded to whoever comes last. However, this only applies if no enthusiastic volunteer has been found first. There is no longer a booby prize as Vertigo from the WorldofSpectrum forums has kindly offered to host CSSCGC 2009. There may be a booby prize of hosting CSSCGC 2009, however I am trying to arrange the organising and hosting of 2009 with an enthusiastic comp.sys.sinclair poster.

  • More in-depth information on how this year's compo will be judged can be found here.

  • *Amended rule* All submitted games will be available for download as soon as they have been uploaded to this site. After the end of the compo all submissions will be added to a zipfile and submitted to the World of Spectrum archives.

  • Multiple submissions from the same author are welcome.

  • Game submissions are potentially subject to public ridicule and/or various levels of criticism, so it's assumed that all entrants are at least prepared to accept this should it happen to you.

  • *Added 10/04/08* - Updates to submitted games are welcomed, and will be added to the corresponding download zipfile. At the end of the competition, unless instructed otherwise, I will judge the most recently submitted version of each game. However if you wish me instead to judge an earlier version, then this is fine. In that case, please let me know which version I should judge. Remembering that this is the crap game compo, it's probably a good rule of thumb if you ask me to judge the "crappest" version!

  • *Added 13/04/08* - Entries released for multiple platforms are welcomed. In this case all the different versions of the game together count as a single entry and will be made available for download within a single zipfile archive. I will judge only one of the versions to indicate final score. To be fair to the entrant, I will judge the version which results in the highest "crapness" score. This is so no entrant has anything to lose by submitting multiple entries. The score for the respective submission can only possibly go up, not down by later submitting entries for additional platforms.

  • *Added 03/02/08* - I reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

  • *Amended 22/02/08* - A certain specific tiny minority of games having extreme content could potentially get me into trouble either at work as I edit the site, or cause issues with the various internet services used by the CSSCGC 2008 website, as discussed in this forum post. Also, please note that I am not allowed to host anything illegal. This is also an agreement kept with some of the kind authors of the emulators used on this site. Therefore I may regrettably be forced to decline certain games of an extreme nature. On submission, each game is checked individually and in the unlikely event that your game was unable to be accepted, then I will let you know via E-mail and explain why it couldn't be accepted. Even if this happens, you are still very welcome to submit further alternative game entries. If you are unsure about any game ideas which could potentially cause problems, then please email me before writing the game, and I will advise as to whether the game is likely to be accepted or not (pending final playtesting). Hopefully this will prevent time and effort from being wasted. Thanks for checking.

  • For any further queries or questions regarding this year's compo, please email me at the above address, and I will do my best to answer them.

  • Best wishes to all who participate and may the "best" crap game author win!

Useful Links

The Crap Game Finder at the Unsatisfactory Software website. This page contains descriptions and download links to previous competition entries so you can get a feel for the sorts of games that have been submitted in the past.

So you wanna write a crap game? is in the words of Chris Young, "a helpful guide written in the style of the helpful guides in YS magazine :-)
Which, of course, having recently been moved to a wiki page, people are welcome to add their own suggestions or modify the existing ones".

Google's web interface to the comp.sys.sinclair Usenet group, for people who don't have a Usenet client set up.

World of Spectrum forums

CSSCGC 2008 news has been moved here.

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