CSSCGC 2008 - Vital Statistics

Compo duration366 days
Number of entries123
Crap rate0.336 Entries per day
Number of entrants [1]49
Average games per entrant2.51
Website hits [2]31,825
Most entries by single entrant15 (Woody)
Number of entrants submitting only a single game25

CSSCGC 2008 - Storage & Bandwidth used

ServiceStorage UsedAverage Monthly Bandwidth Served
Awardspace (web hosting)9 MB93 MB
Photobucket (image hosting)17 MB86 MB
MediaFire (file hosting)49 MB25 MB
Total75 MB204 MB

CSSCGC 2008 - 5 most busy days

RankDateWebsite hits

CSSCGC 2008 - 5 least busy days

RankDateWebsite hits

CSSCGC 2008 Submission downloads

SubmissionNumber of times downloaded [3]
The Ultimate First Communion Simulator97
Eat Sh*t!93
The Real Phantomas Infinity73
Flight Simulator 200859
Advanced Betting Simulator 200855
Commodore 64 Emulator 49
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator 3D48
Advanced Loading Simulator47
The Boat of Doom 43
Target Man - Deluxe Edition42
The Ark in Space41
Ultimate Anger Simulator39
Boofy 338
Hunchback '0836
Mr Yellow meets mr Cyan36
Dumb Miner35
Mini GameZX 33
Un-Space Invaders32
Oh My God!32
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator: The Adventure30
Twenty Commodes30
The Sudoku Challenge29
Stay on the Road28
Harry the Magical: Harry and the Orden26
Silent Letter Shootout26
Advanced PURPLE Loading Simulator25
Mrs. Nibbs Cupcake Capers24
Virtual ZX Spectrum24
Dharma Initiative Swan Station Computer Simulator24
Multiload Hangman24
Ultimate Jetpack Simulator 200823
More Tea Vicar23
Sim City: The Text Adventure21
La Pugly Ugly - The Long Journey 21
Advanced Coat Getting Adventure Simulator20
Helen 'nnngggghhh' Keller's Super Off-Road Racer20
Advanced Lawnmower Starter Simulator - The petrol edition20
Bubble Fight19
Mode2 Tile Editor18
Music Demo18
Sub Chase18
Daily Mail17
20 Questions17
Barcode Hangman17
ZX Webcam17
GOD Simulator 200817
LOST 2008 - The Adventure17
Achtung Minen16
Crap Games Competition - The Adventure 200816
Garage BEEP16
200. Yes, 200 but with da big balls16
ultimate eye surgery simulator16
ShitStack BrickBat16
16K Spectrum Emulator15
Identity Parade15
Martin Kelner's Scissors Paper Stone14
Game of the Yet to come14
Deadly Warriors The Adventure 200814
Text-Only Grand-Prix 200914
Didge's Dungeon14
Redefine Keys The Adventure 2008 14
Brainf*ck Interpreter14
Earth Invasion 13
Slap Me Forum Troll 12
Advanced 10 PRINT "HELLO "; 20 GOTO 10 Simulator 128K Edition 12
Don't Lose Your Head 12
Dot Man12
Hammy Time11
Road Crosser10
Elmo's karaoke C-rap (and many more)10
Turing Test Simulator9
Advanced 10 PRINT Simulator9
The Tunnel9
The Skier9
Mind Game9
Advanced Night Out Simulator8
Ultimate crap game last minute entry simulator8
Rescue Planet Earth8
Barcode Hangman7
Lapland Theme Park Manager7
ZX Road King7
Swift Turtle7
Mini Game Compo Simulator7
Advanced Paint Drying Simulator7
Advanced 10 PRINT "Hello " 20 GO TO 10 Simulator6
Escape from Body6
The Eric Morcambe Catching Invisible Things in a Bag Simulator6
Crap Factor6
Advanced throw some shoes at a prat6
Reflex Meflex 095
attack of the flying saucer!5
Improved Advanced 16K Spectrum Emulator3
(All other games) [4]< 3


[1] Includes all real names and pseudonyms used to submit titles, even though some of them may be the same person. Also includes teams of entrants as a separate entrant. True number of human entrants estimated at 45.

[2] Data from 20/01/08 to 16/01/09. No data available for 09/01/08-19/01/08.

[3] Total number of downloads between submission of title and 17/01/09. These stats only count the most recent version of each title. Some titles were updated, in which case earlier versions are not counted in the above table. Please note that titles submitted earlier in the year will naturally have been downloaded more times than those submitted towards the end. Also note that the download count probably would have been higher, were it not for the "crap game arcade". I regrettably have no data available for the arcade pages.

[4] A few of the submissions were hardly downloaded (if at all). It is possible that they have expired from the MediaFire server as a small number of MediaFire links now appear to be broken and I cannot find stats for them on the server.

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