*** This is completely separate from the Winner's Prize ***

12/01/09 - The raffle is now over. Congratulations to Mulder on winning the raffle. The prize has now been sent out.

I dug out my old second-hand ZX Spectrum BASIC manual:- basic.jpg (This is not a photograph of my particular manual, which is more tatty than this!).

At the end of the compo, a volunteer will run the below ZX80 program which will pick a random game entry. (Running under Simon Holdsworth's JtyOne emulator).

Whoever submitted the game picked by the W.I.S.E program wins the raffle and I will post them my real ZX BASIC orange manual.

Just like premium bonds - The more entries you have in the compo - the greater chance of winning!

(The below program will be adjusted at the end of the compo to reflect the total number of games submitted.)

Press 'R' to RUN the program.

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