TraceMaze - by Dr. BEEP

In-game screen.

Program listing on 48K Spectrum.

Text Listing

1 DIM m$(1640):
 READ p,f,b$,n,s,m:
 POKE n,12:
 LET s=s+9:
 LET f=f+1:
 LET p=328*INT (RND*3)+2*INT (RND*3)+325+2*s/3:
 POKE (m$(p)=b$)*n,6:
 LET d=163*(RND<.3)+1:
 LET d=2*d*(m$(p+d+d)=b$)-d:
 POKE (m$(p+d+d)<b$)*n,6:
 LET m$(p+d)=b$:
 LET m$(p)=b$:
 PRINT AT 0,0;INT (f/1.62);"%":
 POKE (f<163)*n,4+(f<s):
 LET b=657:
 LET x=1:
 INPUT "Speed? (1-slow 9-fast)";h:
 CLS :
 LET x=x+h/10:
 LET d=(k=8)-(k=5)+m*((k=6)-(k=7)):
 LET b=b+d*(m$(b+d)=b$):
 LET c=INT (b/m):
 LET e=b-c*m:
 FOR g=1 TO 6:
 PRINT AT g,5;m$(g*m+e-6 TO g*m+e+6):
 NEXT g:
 LET q=ABS (x-e)<6:
 PRINT AT 3,11+(x-e)*q;">" AND q;AT c,11; PAPER 2;"*":
 POKE (e<111)*n,19-4*(x>112):
 PRINT "You won":
 DATA 657,USR 7766*0,CHR$ 143,23620,9,164

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The Story

You were captured but you managed to escape. You jumped in the first car to escape the town. Unfortunately for you your enemies released a pigeon with a message that will fly to the other side of the town to signal your escape. The car drives faster than the pigeon flies, however there is only one way out of town and the pigeon flies the shortest route whereas you must follow the road to reach the other end of town.
Can you beat the pigeon???


This game uses CURSOR keys as follows:- 5-West, 6-South, 7-North, 8-East. First choose the pigeon's speed between 1 and 9 (higher speeds are more difficult). On starting the game, your car appears as a black asterisk on a red background and the pigeon appers as a black "greater than" sign. Continually follow the maze eastwards as fast as possible, but beware you will certainly drive into many dead ends which you must back out of. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the maze before the pigeon does, winning the game. Conversly, if the pigeon reaches the end before you do, then the game is lost.

About the game

This game idea was developed, designed and implemented by Dr BEEP, with many suggestions and optimisations from Einar Saukas. It was inspired by the game Wheelie.

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