Tiny Pacman 3: Return of Pacman

Level one of Return of Pacman. Here the bonus item '£' has appeared (worth two points).

Program listing on 48K Spectrum. All additional concepts, implementation and optimisations for this version by Einar Saukas.

Text Listing

1 DIM p(10):
 LET b=0:
 FOR l=0 TO 4:
 READ w,s,m$,m$:
 FOR f=1 TO 10:
 LET p(f)=85-9*f:
 PRINT AT f,0;m$(f*w-11 TO f*w):
 NEXT f:
 LET m$(p(1)+1)="":
 FOR a=1 TO l+2:
 LET g=p(a):
 LET u=g=28*(f>50):
 LET b=b+(a=u):
 LET f=f+1-1e9*u:
 LET i=8*RND-4:
 LET i=(a=1)*((k=7)-(k=6)+w*((k=8)-(k=9)))+SGN (ABS i-2+SGN (p(1)-g))*(1+11*(i>0))*(g<>p(1)):
 LET c=CODE m$(g+i+1)-45:
 LET p(a)=g+i*(c<2):
 PRINT AT g/w+.5,g-w*INT (g/w);m$(g+1);AT w,0;s+l*58+b*2;AT 3,4; INK a;"£" AND f>50;AT p(a)/w+.5,p(a)-w*INT (p(a)/w);"c@@@@@"(a):
 LET s=s+(a=c):
 IF a=1 OR p(a)-p(1) THEN NEXT a:
 POKE (s<58)*23620,10:
 NEXT l:
 DATA 12,0,"OOOOOOOOOOOOO..........OO..O OO.O..OO.O......O.OO...OOOO...",m$+m$(w TO )+m$

Note on above listing: The game uses the '(c)' copyright character as found in the ZX-Spectrum character set to represent the pacman character. This has been replaced with the standard ASCII 'c' in the above listing. Also the '£' British pound symbol is present in the listing which may not copy & paste correctly on some systems.

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About the game

The second sequel to the game "Tiny Pacman", and the final game in the "Tiny Pacman Trilogy". This version features the blue coloured 'son of pacman', and is set in a 'daylight' environment, to save space in the program listing. The object of the game is as before to clear all the dots in the maze, and avoid being eaten by the ghosts. However in this version there is a single bonus item on each level, worth two points, and it appears as a '£' pound sign. The bonus item does not appear right away, but when it does, you should grab it as soon as possible. If you don't, then a ghost may get there first, and deprive you of the two points. You can complete this game by beating all five levels, for a score of 290 points or above. However, to consider yourself a true champion of "Tiny Pacman Three: Return of Pacman", you must obtain the bonus on each of the five levels, and finish with a winning score of exactly 300 points. Many thanks again to Einar Saukas who developed the bonus concept of this game, implemented the coding techniques, and made it possible to fit into the oneliner contest limits with extensive optimisations.

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