In-game screen (original version)

In-game screen, version greatly improved by Einar Saukas

Program listing on 48K Spectrum, with thanks to Einar Saukas for shrinking the listing.

Program listing on 48K Spectrum. (Improved version)

Text Listing (Improved version)

1 PAPER 7:
READ w,d,c$,l$,s$:
DIM o$(8,w):
FOR x=1 TO 8:
POKE USR "b"-x,k:
READ o$(x):
FOR t=1 TO 4:
LET y=8:
FOR a=1 TO 8:
LET d=1-d:
LET o$(a)=o$(a,w+(1-w)*(a=1) TO w*d)+o$(a,1 TO w*d-d)+o$(a,2 TO w-w*d)+o$(a,1 TO 1-d):
POKE 23693,CODE "qzzzqSSq"(a)-81:
PRINT AT a,1;o$(a):
LET x=x+(k=1)*(x<w)-(k=2)*(x>1):
LET y=y+(k=16)*(y<8)-(k=0):
PRINT AT y,x; INK 3; PAPER 8;CHR$ 144:
BEEP .01,y<5
IF o$(y,x)=" ="(1+(y>1)*(y<5)) THEN POKE (y>1)*23620,12:
BEEP .1,t*4:
LET o$(1,x)=CHR$ 144:
PRINT AT 8,3;"You Won!":
DATA 16,0,"OOO","===","   ",129,l$+" "+l$+" "+l$+" "+l$,219,l$+s$+l$,-1,o$(2),189,s$+o$(2),60,"",126,c$+s$+c$+s$+c$,189,o$(6),153,""

Download the game (Original version)
Download the game (Recommended improved version)

About the game

Toader is a simple frogger clone.

Keys - q,o,a,p

You have to get a family of four toads safely across the two-lane highway avoiding the traffic, and across the river by hopping on the logs.
There are 4 "gaps" on the far side of the river and only one toad will fit in a single gap.
You only have one life.
To complete the game, guide all four toads to safety, and recieve the "You Won!" message.
Einar Saukas is again responsible for vastly improving the game as originally submitted. By applying many optimisations, he has found enough program space to allow for a UDG for the toad, amongst other improvements. This improved version also runs faster than the original too. Finally, there was room to introduce some sound into the main game loop.

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