Titan Lander

In-game screen of Titan Lander (Original version)

Version improved by Einar Saukas, adding limited fuel and support for multiple key presses. Also many other improvements, bugfixes and space-saving optimisations. On this occasion I managed to land safely with exactly zero fuel remaining!

Final version using the remaining free space to add sound and a crosswind. Keyboard scanning method also refined to mask off the "ear bit".

Program listing on 48K Spectrum (Final Version)

Text Listing (Final Version)

1 DEF FN r(x)=IN x<>191 AND IN x<255:
 POKE 23693,50:
 CLS :
 PRINT AT 20,0; INK 1;"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TTT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~":
 READ x,y,c,w,f:
 FOR v=0 TO 7:
 READ k:
 POKE USR "a"+v,k:
 NEXT v:
 FOR i=0 TO 1:
 BEEP .01,y/4:
 LET o=x:
 LET p=y:
 LET a=(f>0)*FN r(32766):
 LET b=(f>a)*(FN r(57342)-FN r(64510)):
 LET f=f-a-b*b:
 LET v=v+b+c/5:
 LET w=w+.5-a:
 LET x=x+v+158*((x+v<0)-(x+v>157)):
 LET y=(y+w)*(y+w>0):
 PRINT AT p/5,o/5,AT y/5,x/5;CHR$ 144;AT 21,0;"Fuel:";f,"Wind:";INT ABS c;"><"(1+(c<0));"< >"(2+(c>-3)-(c<3)),:
 LET w=w*(y>0):
 LET c=c+RND-.5:
 LET i=y>92:
 NEXT i:
 LET l=ABS v+ABS w<3*(x>67)*(x<83):
 PRINT AT 9,11-3*l;"You ";"CrashedLanded Safely"(1+l*7 TO 7+l*13):
 DATA 9,0,0,0,99,24,60,k,k,24,k,102,231

Download the game (Original version as originally entered into the oneliner compo)
Download the game (Recommended much better Final version)

About the game

Original Version
My first one-liner attempt, "Titan Lander" is a simple moon lander game, that's quite tricky to play. Being a first attempt, the game has a few problems. Namely the keyboard scanning really should have been written to multiple keys to be scanned. Also it's possible to get an "Out of Screen" error if you crash really hard. I found it fun to embellish such a simple game with a somewhat over-detailed back story.

Final Version
Much improved, again thanks very much to Einar Saukas. All of the problems with the orignal version have been fixed by him, and he found room to allow for the extra features as described above.

The Story

The year is 2398. You, as a captain of an inteplanetary craft have to deliver a desperately needed cargo of vodka to the colonists of New Moscow on Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

Your craft has been damaged by an electrical storm in the upper atmosphere, and the auto navigation and landing systems have unfortunately failed at the last moment. You now must land the craft manually. Under manual control, only one of your four thrusters can be fired at a time. Treacherous crosswinds in the thick Titanian atmosphere do not make your mission any easier.

Your goal, to land safely on the landing pad of the colony, in order to deliver the crucial vodka shipment.

Once you receive the "You Landed Safely" message, you can consider yourself to have completed this game. Reward - treat yourself to a glass of vodka. You may succesfully complete the game as many times as you wish.

Rules of the Game

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