Skier - Developed solely by Einar Saukas

In-game screen of Skier.

Program listing on 48K Spectrum.

Text Listing

1 POKE 23693,56:
 CLS :
 FOR f=0 TO 39:
 READ c:
 POKE USR "a"+f,c:
 NEXT f:
 LET t=300:
 FOR m=1 TO 1e9:
 LET i=(INKEY$="7" AND c<30)-(INKEY$="6" AND c>1):
 LET c=c+i:
 LET x$=SCREEN$ (9,c):
 LET g=(15 AND x$="_")+(3 AND x$="."):
 LET h=x$="":
 LET t=t+g-1:
 PRINT AT 8,c-i;" ";AT 0*USR 3582+8,c; FLASH h;CHR$ (147+i); FLASH 0;AT 0,0;m;"m";AT 0,28;t;"s";AT 21,RND*29+1; INK 3-2*(r>.1);CHR$ (46+98*(r>.1));AT 21,29*r; INK 2;CHR$ 145+"_"+CHR$ 145 AND PEEK 23672<14:
 BEEP .02+h,g-9*h:
 BEEP h,-30:
 IF t-t*h THEN NEXT m:
 DATA 8,28,42,93,42,73,8,8,16,28,30,31,16,c,c,c,18,c,36,124,190,37,72,c,36,c,c,126,189,36,c,c,72,c,36,62,125,164,18,c

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About the game

In this game written completely by Einar Saukas, your goal is to reach as far as possible skiing down a mountain before the countdown is over. You can gain time extensions by passing through the flags placed at regular intervals. There are also some small coloured bonus items scattered around the mountainside at random. Collecting those items will also grant the player smaller time extensions.

The keys are "6" - left, "7" - right, or sinclair joystick.

This game features user defined graphics for the player character and the in-game scenery. The game easily fits into the oneliner space limits, whilst still providing a more humanly readble listing than many of the other games. The fast vertical scrolling is achieved by directly calling the built-in ROM routine at 3582/$0DFE.

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