Othello PvP

In-game screen.

Program listing on 48K Spectrum.

Text Listing

1 DIM t(91):
 READ n,t(41),t(42),t(50),t(51),t(9),t(83),z,p,q:
 POKE n+73,32:
 CLS :
 DIM c(3):
 FOR a=1 TO 8:
 FOR b=1 TO 8:
 LET k=t(a*9+b+1):
 PRINT AT 18,b+b;b;AT a+a,0;a;AT a+a,b+b; PAPER k+p*p*(a*9+b+1=z);" ":
 BEEP (k>0)/20,k*9:
 LET c(k+1)=c(k+1)+1:
 NEXT b:
 NEXT a:
 PRINT '''c(2);"x";c(3),:
 IF c(1)*c(p+1)*(q-z) THEN BORDER p:
 LET q=z:
 INPUT a,b:
 LET v=(a*b>0)*(a<9)*(b<9):
 FOR i=7 TO 72:
 LET z=i+INT (i/8)+2+(a*9+b-8)*v:
 FOR j=0 TO 9*(t(z)=0)-1:
 LET d=j+INT (j/3)*6-10:
 LET w=z+d:
 POKE (t(w)<>3-p)*n,33:
 LET w=w+d:
 POKE (t(w)<>p)*n,26:
 POKE n-v*n,19:
 LET w=w-d:
 LET t(w)=p:
 POKE (w<>z)*n,30:
 NEXT j:
 POKE n,36-(1+16*v)*(t(z)*j=0):
 NEXT i:
 LET p=3-p:
 POKE n,5:
 DATA 23620,2,1,1,2,3,3,1,1,0

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About the game

The game is based on this othello game. It is recommended that you check that game out first, as there are full instructions, background information and an in game key found on that page.

This game differs from the above in that it only supports two player PvP mode. Removing the "CPU AI" support for single player mode freed up enough space within the one-liner limits to allow additional features unique to this two player game. Additional features include a bigger game board, forcing of the othello PASS rule (that a player may only PASS when there are no valid moves remaining, or must themselves find one of the remaining valid move(s) and take it), added in-game sound, and a few other small changes from the original game.

Again, the game was developed by Einar Saukas and Digital Prawn, with suggested optimisations from Dr. BEEP used to allow the game to fit within the space limits.

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