City Bomber

In-game screen of City Bomber (Original version)

Program listing on 48K Spectrum (Original Version)

In-game screen of City Bomber (Version much improved by Einar Saukas, See notes at bottom)

Program listing on 48K Spectrum (improved version)

Text Listing (Improved Version)

1 READ i,j:
 FOR f=0 TO 39:
 READ d:
 POKE USR "a"+f,d:
 NEXT f:
 POKE 23693,41:
 CLS :
 FOR m=1 TO 99:
 FOR a=10 TO 27:
 FOR b=-9 TO -RND*8:
 PRINT INK 2*(b>-9);AT 12-b,a;CHR$ (144+b/17);AT 11-b,a;CHR$ 145:
 NEXT b:
 NEXT a:
 FOR y=1 TO 20:
 FOR x=1 TO 25+4*(y<20):
 LET j=(j+1)*(j>0)*(j<21)+(INKEY$>"")*(j=0)*y:
 LET i=i+(x+1-i)*(j=0):
 LET c=ATTR (y,x+3)>41:
 PRINT AT j-(j>0),i;" ";AT j,i;CHR$ 148 AND (j>0)*(j<21);AT y,x;" "; FLASH c;CHR$ 146;CHR$ 147:
 BEEP .01+c,d-j-f*c:
 IF c=0 THEN NEXT x:
 PRINT AT y,28,: NEXT y:
 PRINT INK 0;m;" landed":
 BEEP .5,14:
 BEEP .5,16:
 BEEP .5,18:
 NEXT m:
 DATA 0,0,-1,159,d,d,-1,243,d,-1,0,24,60,126,-1,243,d,-1,0,48,120,124,127,d,63,0,0,0,0,0,-4,-2,-4,0,0,60,24,d,60,d,d,24

Download the game (Original Version)
Download the game (Improved version by Einar Saukas)

About the game

Another oneliner attempt for the 2007 compo. Based on a game I remember typing in around 20 years ago from a book I borrowed from the local library, an Osborne computer book. My only oneliner game to contain sound and a significant number of UDGs. This game is so simple, it's a natural oneliner. There was no danger of exceeding the allowed space, and as such I was able to be quite liberal with the use of code.

Rules of the Game

Notes on improved version

Thanks yet again to Einar Saukas for greatly improving the game as follows:-

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