Welcome to the One-liner Arcade!

This page requires Java and Javascript, and uses the Java based QAOP Emulator By Jan Bobrowski.
Javascript functions, CSS elements, HTML form and table elements and emulator resize buttons sourced from Pera Putnik's QAOP page.

Select a game from the list on the right, then type 'r' in the emulator to RUN the selected game.

Choose game:

Documentation for all games found here. Game titles with PvP on the end are 2 Player games. (Player versus Player).

Read about (or even join in with) the development process of one-liner games at the one-liner thread.

Quick Reference QAOP Emulator keys:-

<SHIFT> - CAPS Shift
<CTRL> or <ALT> - SYMBOL Shift
<CTRL> + <SHIFT> or <ALT> + <SHIFT> - Extended Mode
<ESC> - Edit
<CTRL> + <DEL> - Reset Spectrum
<F11> - Mute/Unmute
<PgUp>, <PgDn> - change sound volume

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