3D Maze

In-game screen.

Initial map screen.

Program listing on 48K Spectrum.

Text Listing

 DIM m(862):
 READ p,z,n,g:
 FOR g=g-1 TO g:
 LET p=p-z:
 LET m(p)=1:
 POKE 22463+p,48-(g=429):
 NEXT g:
 POKE (g=430)*n,16:
 LET j=68-CODE "d$CE"(RND*3+1):
 LET z=j-2*j*m(p-j-j):
 LET k=p/32-z/16:
 POKE (m(p-z-z)<m(p))*(k>1)*(k<25)*(k>INT k)*n,4:
 LET p=64*INT (RND*12)+2*INT (RND*15)+66:
 POKE n,9:
 POKE (k<1)*n,9:
 READ n,n,n,c,d,u,z,j,p,q:
 CLS :
 LET o=m(q):
 LET a=c:
 LET c=(d+d+a)*o-a:
 LET d=INT (d-.3*o*d):
 FOR e=-.5 TO 1:
 LET w=INT (.35*a-d)*(m(q+e*2*j)<o):
 PLOT 128+a*e,88-d-w:
 DRAW (c-a)*e,w:
 DRAW 0,d+d:
 DRAW (a-c)*e,w:
 NEXT e:
 LET q=q+z:
 POKE (p<>671)*n,16+5*o*(q<>672):
 DATA 672,1,23620,250,114,(k=55)-(k=54),z+u*(j-z*u),z*(1025*(z*z=1)-1)/32,p+(k=57)*z*m(p+z),p

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The Story

In Labyrin3D, you were lucky to escape alive from the alien planet, particularly given the limited spacesuit technology of the time. Now, after 10 years of intensive research, the scientists finally managed to track down what caused the power loss in your spacesuit, and it was the damn compass! However, due to severe budget restrictions they could never develop a suitable replacement, so mission control back on Earth issued a directive ordering the removal of the compass system from all spacesuits. This is the reason that in 3D Maze you don't have a battery limit anymore, but there's no compass either. Still you remain compelled to return to the same alien planet, regardless of the risks, as the potential rewards are great.

During the time since your last visit, alien researchers have also been busy developing the technology to construct perfect mazes and it looks like they have now succeeded in doing this! You will find the maze considerably more difficult and circuitous than those primitive labyrinths of a decade ago. This time you must try to keep in mind your direction of travel, so that you don't spend the rest of your days walking aimlessly around the fiendish alien maze.


Escape the maze via the exit located somewhere on the eastern side. When you first RUN the game, a maze will gradually be generated until the screen fills up. Study this map carefully whilst you have the chance, because in this game you cannot look at the map again once you have entered the maze. Afterwards, press any key to start playing. Keys are 6 - turn left, 7 - turn right, 9 - move forwards, or Sinclair joystick. In this game, there are no turns or time limit. However, there is no compass either, so be careful not to lose your sense of direction! If this were to happen, you could become completely lost in this rather large maze. To win the game, escape the maze and the program will end with the usual 0 OK message.

About the game

This game was developed straight after Labyrin3D by Einar Saukas but uses a completely new and different maze generator than the previous game. It is guaranteed to always produce perfect, solvable mazes. These mazes are more complex and difficult for the player to solve than in the previous game. Also, the lack of a compass makes this game more difficult, so it is suggested that players first play Labyrin3D before progressing onto this more challenging game. Many optimisations were made by Einar Saukas, Dr BEEP and minor ones from Digital Prawn in order to make it possible for this game to fit within the limits of a one-liner. Thanks also to bigjon for suggesting the idea of POKEing the attributes file to draw the map of the maze. This was a compact solution which also allowed the maze size to be increased slighlty by using the bottom part of the screen.

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