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All one-liner games are implemented in a single line of Sinclair BASIC and fit within a single ZX Spectrum screen without scrolling. Read about (or even join in with) the development process of one-liner games at the 2007 one-liner thread, or the 2008 one-liner thread.

Play the games online using Jan Bobrowski's excellent QAOP emulator at the One-liner Arcade! (Requires Java).

Compilation: 1 Line Classics
Game Year Notes
Tiny Pacman 2007 Pacman clone with five levels.
Tiny Pacman 2: Pacman Strikes Back 2007 A more difficult variation with smarter ghosts and no power pills.
Tiny Pacman 3: Return of Pacman 2007 Version with bonus item on each level.
One Line Invaders 2007 Space Invaders clone.
One Line Invaders 2: Mothership's Revenge 2007 Sequel featuring an alien mothership.
Compilation: 1 Line Action
Game Year Notes
Skier (Developed solely by Einar Saukas) 2007 Downhill slalom game.
Toader 2007 Frogger clone.
Sheepdog Trials 2007 Guide obstinate sheep into a pen.
Titan Lander 2007 Moonlander clone.
City Bomber 2007 Flatten the city before landing.
Compilation: 1 Line Mind
Game Year Notes
Simon 2008 Inspired by the electronic game.
Blackjack 2007 The American Blackjack game, known in Europe as "21".
Matching Cards 2007 Find matching pairs from a deck of cards.
Memory 2007 Find matching pairs of letters.
Memory PvP 2007 2-player version of matching letters game.
Compilation: 1 Line Strategy
Game Year Notes
Cave Adventure 2007 A small text adventure.
Sim Town 2007 Attempt to build a successful town.
Game Package: 1 Line Othello
Game Year Notes
Othello 2007 Attempt to beat the advanced AI of the CPU.
Othello PvP 2007 2-player version with a bigger board.
Game Package: 1 Line Space Trader
Game Year Notes
One Line Space Trader 2007 Inspired by Elite.
Miscellaneous Games
Game Year Notes
Biscuit Snake 2007 Snake must avoid collision whilst eating biscuits.
Worm Battle PvP 2007 2-players control worms competing for biscuits.
Batmaster 2007 Breakout clone with a dual-speed bat.
Batmaster 2 2007 Tougher version with single speed bat and UDG bricks.
Conexão PvP 2007 2-players try to get four-in-a-row in this game strategically unlike connect 4.
Connect 4 PvP 2008 Based on the popular board game.
Compilation: 1 Line 3D Maze Games
Game Year Notes
Labyrin3D 2008 Escape the 3D Labyrinth with compass in 150 moves.
3D Maze 2008 A tougher 3D maze with no compass and no move limit.
ChamberMaze 2008 Escape an array of interconnected chambers.
Compilation: 1 Line 2D Maze Games
Game Year Notes
TraceMaze (by Dr BEEP) 2008 Beat the pigeon in this "wheelie" inspired game.
A-Maze 2008 Escape from connected rooms in real time via a top down view.
Cube (by Dr BEEP) 2008 Work out the meaning in the numbers to escape alive.
PathFinder (by Dr BEEP) 2008 Guide robotic probe out of Martian tunnels.

Games with PvP at the end of the title indicate 2 Player games. (Player versus Player).

The games listed above are grouped according to compilation where applicable. Games from 2007 were submissions to Dr BEEP's one-liner contest of that year. Games developed starting in 2008 were made purely for fun and not intended as competition entries. Digital Prawn and Einar Saukas developed most of the earlier games, with help from Dr BEEP. Many of the more recent games were jointly developed with Dr BEEP too. Einar Saukas solely developed Skier. Dr BEEP developed TraceMaze, Cube and Pathfinder, with varying levels of suggestions from Einar Saukas. bigjon also provided suggestions for some games.

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