Dizzy XII: Underground - English Version


Here you can find the hacked English version of the Russian game Dizzy XII: Underground by GOGIN for the ZX Spectrum 128K and compatibles.

Latest version

16/06/09 DizzyXII-Underground-English-BETA5.tap

Earlier Versions

15/06/09 DizzyXII-Underground-English-BETA4.tap

14/06/09 DizzyXII-Underground-English-BETA3.tap

08/06/09 DizzyXII-Underground-English-BETA2.tap

02/06/09 DizzyXII-Underground-English-BETA.z80


Many thanks to Gogin for making the original game, Shadow Maker for re-translating various paragraphs and correcting a large number of translation mistakes, Ralf for also assisting with the translation. Viktor Drozd' RZX file recording of completing the Russian version was also invaluable in translating this game. Also, thanks to deadpan666 and Pavero for encouragement and for giving us a reason to finish this translation (which was started in 2007!).

Thanks very much also to FrankT for making a new English version of the compressed intro SCREEN$, which blends in well using the original DIZZY XII: Underground font. Also he repacked the SCREEN$ and created a new neat tap file, removing the need for an earlier hack! Thanks also to jamorski for suggesting the highly efficient Laser Compact 5.2 packer, used by FrankT to compress the screen.

Thanks to Bob Stains for suggesting "Try clearing bit 4 of (23611)." which was implemented by FrankT, making the game compatible with +2A/+3 machines. Thanks also of course to velesoft for reporting the compatibility problem in the first place.

Finally, thanks also to the authors of Z802TZX.EXE, XVI32, ZX-SPIN Spectrum emulator, Warajevo Spectrum emulator and ZX-Blockeditor as all of those apps were used to produce the hacked version of the game.

The original

The orginal Russian-language game was released in 2001 and is freely available here at worldofspectrum.org.

Game intro

Thanks to Pavero for pointing out that the disk-version of game has a really good intro sequence. Currently this has not been translated, but if you wish to see it, then download the Russian TRD disk version from the above worldofspectrum link and you can run it in a Pentagon or Scorpion emulator.


16th June 2009 - Bob Stains suggested a fix for the ZX Spectrum +2A/+3 which was implemented by FrankT and amongst other improvements is now uploaded here as version "BETA5". This tapefile now works on all 128K/+2/+2A/+3 systems!

15th June 2009 - FrankT provided a newer version (uploaded here as "BETA4"). This version has the original loading screen reinstated along with the "loading screen disintegrates to black" effect. It also uses a new loader, with headerless standard data blocks derived from Z802TZX by Tomaz Kac (but with a modification).

14th June 2009 - FrankT took the second BETA version, and made a new English SCREEN$ for it (intro screen not loading screen). He also repacked the new SCREEN$ into the tapfile and removed the orginal messy hack and released this version which is a great improvement on the previous versions. I uploaded it here as the current version, BETA3.

8th June 2009 - Second BETA version released in TAP format. Intro screen text has now been completely converted to English mini-font. Also, some Russian text was found remaining in the game, translated a sentence accordingly.

2nd June 2009 - Initial BETA version of the translated game released in snapshot format.

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