Digital switchover screenshots from Winter Hill 2009


In 2009, analogue television services from the Winter Hill transmitter and dependant relays, serving northwest England will cease, making way for full power DTT transmissions. Here are some screenshots I grabbed of the final days of analogue 625-line TV from this transmitter, focusing on the temporary captions that appeared on-screen. All screens were grabbed on a PC with a Pinnacle dual standard Analogue/Digital TV card. On-screen switchover captions were reported to have started on Monday 4th May 2009 from Winter Hill. Phase one of the Switchover (loss of BBC2 analogue) is set for 4th November 2009. Phase two (loss of all analogue channels) is set for 2nd December 2009.

Wednesday 14th May 2009: Just under six months remaining until "phase I" of switchover. These three screengrabs were taken around 8:15pm from BBC1 (UHF 55). Slight cross-modulation of signal visible due to non-optimal arrangement of splitter+booster feeding TV card. The caption appeared on the screen for one minute.

screengrab screengrab screengrab

Thursday 15th May 2009: The following four were grabbed from ITV1 (UHF 59) in the early evening. I had a clean signal on this channel. As in most cases, the captions tend to go right across people's heads (in this case, Jasper Carrot). But at least they aren't easy to miss!

screengrab screengrab screengrab screengrab

Friday 16th May 2009: The following grabs are from BBC 2 (UHF 62), showing the early evening gameshow "Eggheads". Again, there's a bit of interference on this channel due to use of an ad-hoc splitter/booster assembly at my end, including some cheapo co-ax in the chain. Although, the signal coming into the house from the roof aerial is perfect. Being more accustomed to digital TV nowadays I have lapsed into accepting this set-up which still manages to provide perfect digital reception on the PC of all six multiplexes! After switchover, lack of analogue will effectively render these imperfections unnoticeable.

screengrab screengrab screengrab screengrab

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